Contractor guarantees

Contractor guarantees

I’m often asked about damp proofing guarantees by Home owners and Contractors.

In reality, product guarantees and contractor guarantees offer very little value. A product guarantee guarantees the quality of a product which if faulty gets replaced free of charge. A contractors own guarantee only stands all the while the contractor remains in business and stands by his guarantee terms.

The only guarantee which offers a transferable asset is an insurance guarantee. The main benefit of which is any fault of workmanship failure being put right by another contractor should the installing contractor no longer be in business.

There is a premium attached to an insurance backed guarantee based on a percentage of the project value. Its the Home owners choice as to whether they go for an insurance guarantee but peace of mind comes at a price.

If you are offering damp proofing services and want to offer your customers an insurance guarantee we are able to offer this facility. Please call 01329 235252 for details.

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