KA Tanking Bond SBR

KA Tanking Bond SBR

KA Tanking Bond SBR is a high grade, high performance, multi purpose plasticiser admixture.

What is excellent about this product is the high level of active ingredient which is set at 43% which is compared to most other on-the-shelf SBR brands of between 20 – 40% active ingredient.

Added to which, is the excellent price Alliance Remedial Supplies sell this product at inclusive of vat and delivery.

KA Tanking Slurry

The uses for this product are:

Concrete floor mixes for screeding and patching

Concrete repairs

Bonding new concrete with old

Priming walls ahead of tanking or rendering

Admixture in in sand and cement fillets

This product offers water resistance, workability and adhesion. It also reduces shrinkage.

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