Kair KHRV150 Single Room Heat Recovery Vents Cures Condensation

khrv150 single room heat recovery vent

The Kair KHRV150 single room heat recovery vent is one of the best mechanical fans manufactured anywhere in the world.

Here is why……

  • The fan requires no manual operating. It works 24/7 continually detecting the level of humidity.

  • On humidity exceeding the setting it is installed on, the extract mode engages automatically and runs until such time as the sensor identifies humidity is brought back to suitable levels.

  • It can be installed into bedrooms with a setting feature preventing extract mode from engaging in darkness.

  • It is a safety extra low voltage product, (SELV), suitable for bathrooms.

  • Ideal for large volume areas up to 80m3 such as an HMO Kitchen/Communal room.

  • Supplied with specialist screws to the sensor making it tamper proof. Ideal for Landlords.

  • Completely silent running! ……… Better than whisper quiet!

  • Brings air in 24/7 to provide a complete change of air once every hour.

  • Installed and operated correctly this product is guaranteed to cure condensation and black mould!

  • Annual running cost @ £40.00

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