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John Newton System 300, waterbars, waterstops & waterplugs used to waterproof construction joints and movement joints of retained concrete structures so that they become integrally waterproof – defined within BS8102:2009 as Type B waterproofing. .

Construction Joint Waterproofing materials for waterproofing and sealing potential weak points in below ground structures affording a possible point of entry for ground water during times of heavy rainfall leading to a perched water table.

System 300 Construction Joint Waterproofing systems include compound fillet mortars, waterstop bar, plugging compounds, epoxy mortars, liquid polymers, sealants, mastics and reinforcing mesh tapes.

Construction joint waterproofing  only really applies to new build structures as during the build process these products are applied. If the structure has been formed and these materials not used then consideration needs to be given to the risk of water ingress and the consequence leading to the need to waterproof internally with a Type C Cavity Drain Membrane system.

For advice on these products and waterproofing systems please call our technical staff on 01329 235252.

Pipe and Cable Duct Sealing

Newton 308 Stopaq Sealant

£55.84 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)

Pipe and Cable Duct Sealing

Newton 308 Stopaq FR Mortar

£29.35 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)

Waterproofing Systems

Newton 315 Polymer Waterbar

£94.97£135.93 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)

Pipe and Cable Duct Sealing

Newton Stopaq Applicator Gun

£108.59 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)
£25.19 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)