Land Drain Filter Sock Sleeve

Land drain filter sock sleeve is a low cost and easier to apply alternative to wrapping non woven geotextile around perforated land drainage pipe to prevent blockages within the drain from a build-up of soil and silt.

Land drain filter sock sleeve is supplied in pre-cut, pre-bagged roll lengths of 25mtrs, 50mtrs and 100mtrs and in diameter sizes across the range to match standard dimensions of perforated land drain products.

Easy to apply in minutes, durable and efficient this product is ideal for Highways drainage, French drains, Golf courses, Sports fields, Agriculture and many other applications. Trade prices available for volume orders.

The specially knit fabric allows very fine soil particles to pass through and into the perforated pipe that are subsequently discharged from the drainage pipe with the water. The remaining larger soil particles that are blocked from passing through the fabric, bridge against each other on the outer surface of the fabric. Like granular backfill materials, the bridging effect of these soil particles improves the permeability of the native backfill materials immediately surrounding the perforated drainage pipe. It is particularly suited for use in sandy and silty soil conditions.