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Wastewater treatment

Our on-site and off-grid wastewater treatment solutions make a lasting difference for our customers, our professional partners and above all, our planet. 

From the unmatched sustainability of Ecoflo to the versatility of Rewatec sewage treatment plants, we have the proven technologies, durable accessories, and industry expertise you need to make your project a success.

Rainwater harvesting

Our rainwater harvesting systems make it easy for our customers to use water wisely and protect a limited resource on which we all depend.

Simple and sustainable, our rainwater tanks are built for your home, business, and community. They offer 24/7 access to fresh water, giving you full freedom to irrigate lawns and gardens, wash vehicles, clothes and more.

Stormwater management 

Protecting our planet and the environment for future generations is the driving force behind Premier Tech’s stormwater management range.  

Most often hidden from site, our separators and attenuation tanks are constantly working in the background – protecting our environment from polluted run-off and flood water damage.

Storage solutions 

Whatever you wish to store and however you wish to store it, Premier Tech can provide a solution.  

From agricultural produce to rainwater, chemicals to drinking water, above ground storage or below ground storage, we can offer you the right solution.

Prices on application, please call 01329 235252 for advise or to arrange a survey.

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Rewatec Cesspools