Kair KHRV150 Single Room Heat Recovery Vent – Why this is so good!


Kair KHRV150 Single Room Heat Recovery Vent – Why this is so good!

This vent has the ability to automatically control relative humidity to any room up to an area of 80m3.  To give that some perspective, take a room with a ceiling height of 2.2mtrs the footprint can be 4mtrs x 9mtrs or variations up to a footprint of 37.25m2. Or, if the ceiling height is 2mtrs then a footprint of 40m2.

There is no need for any interaction with the fan as the humidity sensor engages the extract mode when it identifies the humidity has gone above the level the unit is set to.

The clever function of light and dark identification allows the fan to be installed into bedrooms and the extract mode not be engaged in darkness preventing the occupants from being woken up.

It can go into any room of a residential property, small commercial environments such as an office and is especially ideal for residential Landlords.

There are some installation guidelines that really should be followed by the installer to ensure full benefits of the fans capabilities. We are happy to assist with installation guidance but the installer should ideally be a Part P qualified electrician. A 152mm diamond core drill bit is needed.

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