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Salts remover is commonly called salt neutraliser or anti sulphate treament.

Salts remover is an aqueous solution and has been specifically developed to overcome the problem of salts in a wide range of substrates from new plasterwork to old stone.

Due to rising dampness, salts contained in ground water are absorbed into the masonry and subsequently into the plaster coat. If the rising damp had been severe the plasterwork can lose key and visual evidence of this problem can often be noted by the presence of salt deposits. In such severe circumstances the plasterwork must be removed and re-plastering carried out in accordance with a correct damp proofing re-plastering specification or other appropriate specifications which will prevent any residual salts in the base substrate migrating into new plasterwork.

Salt remover, salt neutraliser can be applied neat or in diluted form. It cannot be applied to painted surfaces as it will not penetrate sufficiently and it will damage the paint.

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Algae & Lichen Killer Concentrate

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Fungicidal Wash 5ltr

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Salt Neutraliser

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Damp Proofing Tanking Slurry

Sovereign Hey’di Antisulphate

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