Mould, Condensation & Ventilation

Mould and condensation control products are available as stand alone products or part of a package of materials all intended to treat, remove and prevent condensation and black mould growth which has developed because of a lack of ventilation.

By improving ventilation in a room or property and maintain humidity indoors between 40 – 60% then it is scientifically impossible for mould spores to develop on surfaces and form black mould.

Mould and condensation control products from Alliance Remedial Supplies are available for homeowners, tradesmen, private Landlords, councils and social housing organisations designed to provide permanent solutions.

We offer anti mould washesadditives and Suretherm anti condensation insulating paint which is ideal for cold ceilings and external walls. ACS anti condensation paints and a comprehensive range of vents including ducting components.

We think we stock the broadest range of mould and condensation control products and vents anywhere in the UK.

Please call our technical staff for assistance on 01329 235252.