DPC Injection Cream is used as a damp proofing product to treat and prevent Rising Damp.

Rising damp should be understood before any treatment, of any kind, is actually undertaken.

The use of the phrase; ‘rising damp’ is generally attributed to a failure or breakdown of an existing damp proof course. Most commonly, this would be in relation to a Victorian built property with the original slat DPC in place. If a structural defect has come about the slate DPC can break allowing for moisture present in the ground, to travel up through the failed DPC.

It would not be appropriate however, to treat for ‘Bridging’ damp which is very common place and brought about by raised external ground levels or blocked cavities as two examples. We would advise that before any work is carried out that a proper assessment is carried out to establish the cause of the damp.

If it is determined the reason for damp is rising damp due to the failure of the existing damp proof course then the introduction of a chemical damp proof course is an accepted method of replacing the function of the original damp proof course.

DPC Injection cream is now a commonly used product which is a silane based chemical delivered in the form of a water based cream. The cream application is a tried and tested technology successfully used in brick, stone and blockwork construction to form a chemical damp proof course.

Given the success of this product over the last 10 or so years and is successful and rigorous testing by independent research establishments a rise in the number of brands has exploded to the point that many are now just trade name derivatives of unfounded quality.

We are please to offer customers of Alliance Remedial Supplies our own high quality, high level of active ingredient developed by the original UK manufacturer of DPC injection cream.

Full advice available along with downloadable data sheets. Use our simple volume calculator to learn how much DPC cream you will need for your job. Available in handy trade kits across the range or call for regular trade use discounts.

DryFix brand is supported by a 20 year guarantee available on request with each order placed.