Rytons Vents

Rytons Vents form warm air appliance and background ventilation to allow fresh outside air to circulate around a habitable room to dilute and remove airborne pollutants (including odours).

Rytons vents combustion range (i.e. the burning of carbon, such as gas, coal, wood or oil) which are HETAS approved are a building regulation requirement as it is also vital for the efficient operation of flues, for compartment cooling and the prevention of over-heating.

Rytons Vents LookRyt® AirCore® range are smart and unobtrusive allowing for the to be decorated in the fashion of the wall they are installed through meaning they can blend into the room and not be an eye sore.

Note: A habitable room is classed as a room used for dwelling purposes but which is not solely a kitchen, utility room, bathroom, cellar or sanitary accommodation.

WARNING: Not suitable for use in external walls in high-rise buildings with a storey 18m or more above
ground level due to Regulation 7(2) and Building Regulations Approved Document B.Not suitable for use in
external walls in buildings with a storey 11m or more above ground level due to Building (Scotland)
technical handbook 2019: domestic and non-domestic, 2.7.