Timber Treatments

Timber treatments are used to eradicate insect infestation such as woodworm and death watch beetle in timber and specialist preservatives used to treat and prevent fungal decay such as wet rot and dry rot.

Timber treatments are availabe in many chemical forms such as Permethrine, Boron, Solvent, Silicone and epoxy.

The right choice of timber treatment is essential to get the right results against what you are treating for.

In all cases, timber infestation and decay will be a consequence of high moisture content within the timber and this issue should be treated first before any timber treatment chemical is applied. In fact, if the timber is sound enough then in many cases, no chemical needs to be applied at all.

Our brands of timber treatment are supplied by ACS, Wykamol, Safeguard, Triton and Nvirol.

We also supply timber treatment applicators and PPE protection.

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