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Damp Meters

Damp meters for damp proofers, damp and building surveyors, property managers, landlords, general builders.

They are a useful tool in the armoury of a professional surveyor, property manager or contractor who needs to determine the presence of high moisture levels in building materials.

Whilst we advise that damp meters are not used in isolation to understand the presence of high moisture levels, they can assist the individual using them to detect or confirm higher than usual levels of damp.

Damp meters can be purchased on platforms such as Ebay for a few pounds through to specalist distributors for nearly as much as £1,000. It goes without saying the more you pay the beter the product and in respect of high quality brands such as Protimeter and Laserliner you will enjoy a product that is very accurate and provides helpful information.

If you are uncertain on what kind of damp meter is ideal for your own uses then give us a call on 01329 235252. Our qualified staff who are experienced in the use of damp meters will offer advice ensuring you get the right product for your purposes.

£36.28 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)
£73.49 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)
£216.99 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)
£11.50 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)