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Waterproof Admixtures to improve water and chemical resistance in renders, screeds and mortars.

Providing protection during continued or intermittent water contact suitable for both external or internal use application. Key coat applications to substrates with a low porosity. For repair patching of concrete and cement screeds, to improve adhesion and flexibility of screeds.

Waterproof Admixtures includes Integral Waterproofer admix which is an all purpose, high grade admixture for use with sand and cement render after the insertion of a chemical damp proof course.

Integral waterproofer additive may be used in any situation where it is necessary to construct cement based sections resistant to external water pressure or to contain moisture in a wall or enclosure.

Our brands offer high active ingredient products providing better and longer lasting results.

Available in 5 and 25 litre drums across all products.

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Mortar / Render Additives

Bostik Cementone Mortar Plasticiser

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