Sumps and Pumps

Sumps and pumps are integral to below ground level waterproofing systems when using cavity drain membrane systems with a drainage detail.

Ground water ingress is collected behind a cavity membrane system via a drainage detail typically such as Basedrain at the wall/floor junction. This, in turn, diverts the ground water to a sump chamber which is housed below the floor slabs which then pumps out to a suitable drainage gully at ground level.

Sumps and pumps are now increasingly used for the collection of surface rainwater from decks and terraces of an area over 6m2.

We can also offer a comprehensive range of grey waste water sumps for showers, baths, hand basins, washing machines to foul waste packaged pump stations starting from entry level 200 litre capacity chambers to bespoke manufactured sizes.

We can organise onsite specification support, specification quotations, commissioning and on-going pump maintenance.

Or individually, we can supply submersible ground water pumps and high level alarm systems.

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