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Basement Pumps

Basement pumps are an integral part to a cavity membrane waterproofing installation during the conversion or new build of a bsement or cellar for dry habitable use.

Basement pumps form part of any Delta, John Newton, Triton Isola and Wykamol membrane installation.

A drainage detail either at the wall/floor junction or a central drain network of 110mm terracotta drainage pipe collects ground water ingress from behind the membrane system and diverts it to a sump chamber housing one or two submersible automatic pumps.

Our pumps offer different flow rates according to the anticpated level of risk from ground water ingress with a capacity of nearly 4 liters per second from each pump. If necessary, you can double up on the number of sump chambers to offer two sump systems with a total of four pumps.

Our KSB AMA Drainer pumps are extremely reliable and very robust and with annual servicing will offer a long life span.

Available as part of a sump kit or available to buy individually, the KSB AMA Drainer 301 and 303 are excellent pumps for basement and cellar waterproofing and drainage.

We can also supply associated products such as pipe fittings, sump rubber grommets, and alarms.

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