Basement Tanking And Waterproofing

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Basement Tanking And Waterproofing

We were approached by a home owner who is a car mechanic trade but a savy diy builder to assist with a basement conversion at his own property.

He discovered that what he thought was an unused cellar store was in fact, a basement the footprint of his house. What he discovered however, was a water table sitting directly at the floor level of the basement.

He wanted to create a funky but useful leisure area and asked us for design assistance for the waterproofing and installation of cavity drain taking membranes with drainage and sump pump system.

We specified a tanking system using cavity drain membrane to the walls and floor. A perimeter drainage channel was installed which collects ground water ingress and delivers it into a twin pump sump system which also included a high level heavy duty battery back up pump in case of power failure.

The job was featured on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and we are the company the home owner refers to at the very bottom of the Channel 4 link:

If you want a similar service for your own project please call us on 01329 235252


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