Basement Waterproofing Membranes

Membrane Material KitBasement Waterproofing Membranes

We take a lot of calls from customers asking about the type of membranes they should use to convert a basement.

Whilst the answers don’t have to be overly technical or confusing there are some key points to consider.

At the point you decide to waterproof a basement using cavity drain membrane you are in essence, allowing for water ingress to come into the basement but remain behind the membrane. To collect water ingress the installer should install a drainage detail to collect this water and divert it to a sump system or take it out to an external point under a gravity fall.

The minimum stud profile should be 8mm to control any significant volumes of water but 5mm, 3mm and even 1mm thick membranes can be used across the floor with 3mm and 5mm on the walls.

In most basement conversions consideration needs to be given to insulation, ventilation, services, pipes, meters and cables. The easiest membrane to install to accommodate all these items is a clear membrane to which you can batten out or build an internal wall off or install an independent stud frame.

To make purchasing easier, leave little material waste and installation less complicated an 8mm clear membrane to the walls and floors is the most commonly chosen product.

We can assist you with technical support, provide you with installation guides for the membrane you have chosen and provide a catalogue of installation images most relevant to your project.

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