Best way to fit out basement tanking cavity membrane

We take a lot of calls from customers seeking advice on the best way to fit out basement tanking cavity membrane installation in a cellar or basement.

Should they render, dot and dab, batten out or install a stud frame? This will largely be to the preference of the installer and what they are comfortable with but is mainly driven by the use the area is to be put to.

If you are creating habitable living space such as a bedroom then we recommend you batten out using the membrane plug fixings to secure the battens to. However, this is not always easy if walls are uneven or it proves difficult to secure the necessary number of plug fixings.

To that end, installing an independent stud  frame makes life so much easier to fit out. It requires fewer membrane plug fixings and easily accommodates insulation, service cables, sockets and fixings for TV’s, radiators, etc.

independent stud frame
Independent timber stud frame free from membrane
fast track gypliner
Independent metal fastrack stud frame

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