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Britannia Aquashield High Build Waterproof Roof Coat

Britannia Paints Roofing Coatings are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-performance roof coating systems. Britannia’s advanced products are used for flat roof repair, waterproofing, protecting, enhancing and extending the life of a wide range of surfaces.

Cold-applied liquid roofing membranes, such as those used by Britannia, have been recognised to help roofing elements achieve up to a BREEAM A+ rating (depending on the roof construction), demonstrating the low environmental impact and sustainability of this type of chemistry.

Britannia Paints Roofing Coatings  are supplied in a range of advanced-formula coatings and ancillary products for waterproofing and renovating roofs and roof tiles.

Polyshield 15

BBA-approved, the latest addition to our product portfolio, Polyshield 15 is a single-pack, cold applied, rubber-based waterproofing coating for use as part of a two-coat reinforced built-up system. In conjunction with Polyshield Scrim it forms a fully-adhered, monolithic single-ply membrane for larger, all-over roofs where greater life expectancy is required.

Displaying outstanding characteristics, Polyshield 15 comes with a 15-year product guarantee (please see terms and conditions).


Aquashield is our original waterproofing coating. With added fibres that interface to cover cracks and gaps for a more economical coating for general maintenance work. The Aquashield range can be viewed here:


A longer-lasting seamless finish giving more advanced protection than Aquashield.

Apply just one coat over primed surfaces for a ten-year life-expectancy.

The Aquashield range is particularly suitable for general maintenance work, containing added fibres that interlace to cover small gaps or cracks. Ready to use, just one coat gives instant protection – even rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect.

Here is an example of a high build application to an apartment block roof with Aquashield. Seamless and immediately waterproof.

Apartment-After1  Apartment-After2

For any specification assistance or technical support we have access to the highly expert and experienced technical staff at Britannia Paints. Call us on 01329 235252 with your enquiry and between us, we can come up with the best solution for your requirements for a guaranteed finish.

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