Condensation & Black Mould Treatments For Landlords


Condensation & Black Mould Treatments For Landlords can be a challenge to get right.

The obvious choice is to use a mould wash or a common bleach to wipe mould from surfaces and hope for the best as frankly, that is the cheapest and quickest solution. We have news for you. It will soon be back!

Black Mould mainly develops is cold, damp and humid conditions so, conversely, if we create dry, warm and ventilated areas, it becomes impossible for black mould to thrive.

The answer is not to use a basic mould wash and tell tenants to open windows. It is also not about putting expensive fans in and do nothing about the damp affected surfaces.

Alliance Remedial Supplies have partnered with Airtech Environmental Services to offer a fully managed service to cure condensation and black mould in private rented property and for private homeowners.

For 30 years, Airtech Environmental Services have been providing services and solutions for Condensation damp to the social housing sector. Alliance Remedial Supplies approached them in 2017 with a view to rolling the same service out to the private property market place.

Services, arranged through Alliance Remedial Supplies are available anywhere in the UK and include a survey with recommendations for ventilation products such as tumble dry vents, passive background vents, extract fans, heat recovery and PIV loft vents.

In addition, black mould remedial treatments and redecoration can be proposed and carried out. All services adopted are supported by a 3 year guarantee against mould returning.

Alternatively, if you know what you want to have done, you can forgo the survey and we will give you a supplied and fitted price.

Call 01329 235252 for details or to book a survey.

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