Damp in your property because of Cavity Wall Insulation CWI


Damp in your property because of Cavity Wall Insulation CWI is a depressing and frustrating problem.

Here is a useful video from the Property Care Association on the subject……

We are all advised to make our property more energy efficient and to achieve this, we are or have been offered attractive inducements such as grants or even free installations of cavity wall and loft insulation. This is all very good and in most cases, well meaning but if the outer constrauction of your property was not sound enough in the first instance to stop rain water ingress, then the installation was always likely to lead to a damp issue.

The solution to solve the damp problem caused by cavity insulation is without doubt, to have it taken out. To prevent it from becoming a damp issue a homeowner must maintain their property to ensure rainwater does not penetrate the out leaf. This means the pointing should be kept in tip top shape. All guttering must be maintained to prevent any leaks. Sub floor air bricks and vents should be kept clear to ventilate the sub floor area and we advise an application of our DryFix masonry brick sealer to prevent rainwater ingress through the mortar and brick. Rendered walls should also be maintained and any cracks filled in with Surefill Crack filler.

The image below is taken from a retired couples bathroom which had to be ripped out due to an outbreak of Dry Rot which had been caused by the cavity insulation installer blocking up the sub floor vents which in turn, led to condensation below the floor boards and a subsequent outbreak of Dry Rot. A very costly outcome for the homeowner!

Dry rot

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