Elta Mori HR NEXT, HR100 And HR150


Elta Mori HR NEXT, HR100 And HR150

Elta Mori HR NEXT, HR100 and HR150 are stylish and unobtrusive mixed flow single room heat recovery ventilators. They are absolutely whisper quite and by the clever, automatic operation of alternating the flow of air, in and out of a room they maintain a good indoor air quality, (IAQ), which in turns, reduces the likelyhood of condnesation and subsequently the growth of unwanted black mould.

Whats the difference between the 3 models? The Elta Mori HR NEXT in essence is the HR150 but supplied with a clever remote controller which allows the operator to control flow direction if being operated in conjunction with another HR fan in so much as one can operate on air in with the other on air out. The fan speed can also be controlled. This fan is ideal in an owner occupier property and a room size up to 70m3.

The Elta Mori HR NEXT is not suitable for wet producing rooms such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc and should only be installed into Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining rooms and other living areas.

The difference between the Elta Mori HR100 and HR150 is simply the size of the duct. The refernce to 100 and 150 relates to a duct diameter of 100mm and 150mm. The Elta Mori HR 100 are suitable for rooms of a cubic volume of up to 45m3 and the HR150 up to 70m3.

Elta Mori HR NEXT, HR100 & HR150 operate on a heat recovered basis. When in extract mode the unit’s high efficiency ceramic heat exchanger collects and retains heat from the extracted air. The majority of this heat is then transferred to the incoming air during supply mode. This method of operation avoids the short circuiting of air that can often happen with conventional single room heat recovery units, resulting in much more effective room ventilation. The heat exchanger recovers up to 80% energy and along with a typical running cost of around £2.00 per annum, (thats not an error, it is £2.00 per annum!), the fans are among the most cost efficient single room heat recovery vents on the market.

To boot the internal face panel is a neat ‘glossy’ plastic panel which looks smart in any location. The ducts are telescopic allowing for installation into walls ranging from 300mm up to 560mm thick.

Because of the mixed flow operation there is no need for a separate humidity sensor box or to have to tweak and adjust a sensative humidity detector making installation straightforward.

Our customers are always delighted with their purchase of an Elta Mori HR fan and this is now becoming one of our biggest selling products.

Highly recommended for owner occupiers and Private landlords with troublesome bedrooms especially!

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