Foul Waste Pump Stations


Foul Waste Pump Stations are installed either to collect and pump foul and grey waster water from below the main sewers level and to pump up to that level or at ground level but which requires pumping some distance to the nearest manhole.

Foul waste pump stations are installed with either Macerator, (grinder), pumps or Vortex pumps. The key differences between the two types of pump are that a macerator pump is prone to blockages from fibrous materials and a Vortex pump will be installed when blockages are to be minimised say in self contained basements with a number of appliances contributing to a higher flow of sewage.

Either way, its critical that despite what type of pump or number of pumps are installed, the owner of the property ensures they are serviced at least on an annual basis to ensure reliability and maximise the life and performance of the pump/s.

The two common questions we are asked are:

  1. Should I have a pump station installed below the slab or should I install a Saniflo type macerator under the sink or behind the toilet pan?

  2. If I have a below slab pump station what size chamber should I have.

The answer to the first question really depends on the use for the pump/s in so much as, if you are collecting grey waste water from a utility sink and washing machine then an above ground Saniflo type waste water pump station would be more than suitable as the chances of blockages will be minimal and the pumping capability of the pump more than suitable in most situations.

If however, the requirement is to receive both foul and grey waste water from the appliances of a basement flat for example, or the Kitchen and Utility area of an HMO then the need for performance and reliability is paramount and whilst they are dearer, a packaged foul waste pump station would be the way to go without any question. The cost saving in numerous servicing call-outs for a Saniflo type pump would soon run out to more than the cost of an entry level foul waste pump station.

The other question in respect of the size of a foul sump chamber, is determined by the type and number of appliances to be fed into it and whether the location it is to go into is self contained meaning a 24 hour breakdown capacity needs to be accommodated for building regulations compliance.  Foul sump chambers typically start with a 200 litre capacity subject to the inlet position with off-the-shelf sizes going up to 2000 litre. Beyond this, foul sump stations will be manufactured bespoke to site requirements.

Some of our range can be viewed here:

Our own staff can offer extensive technical advice on foul and grey waste water packaged pump stations with additional specification support services from our suppliers, Edincare.

Services from Edincare extend to site visits mainly in London and surrounding counties, commissioning and on-going annual servicing.

For advice on all pumped drainage requirements please call us on 01329 235252.

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