How To Install A Rytons LookRyt® AirCore® Background Vent

Install Rytons Background Vent

How To Install A Rytons LookRyt® AirCore® Background Vent is actually a very straight forward process especially if the installer takes a moment to read this handy installation guide put together by Rytons: rytons_lookryt_fitting_guide

However, we have put together some additional installation tips you might find helpful:

Size of vent to choose from: The choice comes down to personal preference from a 5″ diameter or 9″ x 3″, 9″ x 6″ and 9″ x 9″ air brick

Location of vent: Ideally at least 1.7mtrs from the floor toward the ceiling. This provides the best opportunity for incoming air to circulate into a room unhindered by furniture and does not give the feeling of a draught. We suggest a corner position so the vent is not an eye sore in the middle of a wall.

What to avoid: Externally look out for guttering down pipes, brick arches, soldier courses, lintels, aerials, etc. Internally; avoid any hidden services such as electrical cables, plumbing services, gas mains, etc.

Which wall to install through: Give thought to noise pollution. If a wall is facing a road with a high volume of traffic, a railway line, etc you will be best of reducing potential noise disturbance by installing through an adjacent wall if possible. If this is not possible we recommend the excellent Rytons Acoustic range which drastically reduces noise pollution.

Should I select a vent with an external cowl? We recommend the addition of a cowl such as this product when the wall you are installing into is south westerly facing. This direction takes the brunt of the wind and rain. A cowl will reduce wind and rain from being blown into the vent. They can be installed with cowls or cowls can be purchased and installed at a later time.

Rytons Background Vent AC7HPCWL
Rytons Cowl 8.5 x 8
Rytons Cowl ABC8

In ensuring you select the correct size of vent for the purpose you need it for we recommend you use the handy Rytons Calculator:

Additionally, you can look through this handy Rytons Background Vents product guide:

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