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landlord news

Being a landlord can have its difficulties, but it can also be a very rewarding investment option. Advice, guidance and news on the buy-to-let sector and property market can be really helpful in managing your lettings business. For the latest landlord updates, look no further!

Landlord News offers up to date insights into all property investor issues, from finance to law. This free, online news portal brings you the latest information and guides to help you succeed in the buy-to-let sector.

The site is accessible to all, but does have a members’ area, where you can create a profile, comment on articles and sign up to the free monthly newsletter.

The newsletter includes a round up of the most important and newsworthy stories (expect a few light-hearted pieces in there) of the month, as well as any changes or updates expected for the coming month.

Don’t miss out on vital changes in the private rental sector by signing up to the Landlord NewsLetter!

Daily news, updates and advice are available to all users, whether you are a first time landlord, established investor, letting agent or tenant.

Covering the most important stories in the housing, finance and legal sectors, Landlord News aims to deliver helpful tips and insights into the key issues affecting the modern landlord.

From legislation changes to where to buy your next property, never miss a trick with your number one source of industry news.

Landlord News is dedicated to providing all of the necessary tools you need to comply with regulations and offer great properties to tenants.

At such a volatile period in the UK economic climate, it could not be a better time to keep up with any changes in the law or financial fluctuations that may affect your lettings business. Let Landlord News be your guide through the current market and beyond!

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