Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer

Stormdry Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer

stormdry5-600x600Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer

Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer.

Stormdry Application Guide.

Stormdry weatherproofing masonry water repellent brick sealer is the only brand of masonry water repellent with BBA accreditation.

The BBA accreditation documents states this product offers a 25 year lifetime performance.

This product is ideally suited to properties and elevations facing south westerly, are open to the elements or are period properties with solid walls.

Alliance Remedial Supplies recommends this product is applied with a masonry brush as this ensures the best means of application and maximises the potential coverage rate.

The creamy liquid will soak into the surface and leaves no residual sheen, gloss or change in the appearance of the material it is applied to.

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