Newton 109-LM Seamless Liquid Waterproofing Membrane


Newton 109-LM Seamless Liquid Waterproofing Membrane is a versatile, cold applied, liquid product principally used on the external side of structures that will be below gound such as basement walls and foundations, soil retaining walls, balconies and flat roofs.

Newton 109-LM is solvent free and cures to a rubber film which makes it suitable as a primer to stick other membrane products sealed with a bitumen based tape.

The product can be applied to damp surfaces and does not require a Primer coat as the first coat of Newton 109-LM seamless liquid waterproofing membrane works as a primer for the second and subsequent coats.

Because of its ‘rubbery’ nature this product can stretch considerably without breaking or tearing making it suitable for cracks and construction joints.

It is adept as a detailing membrane for the termination and jointing of other Newton waterproofing products, and with its very high adhesive properties it is the perfect primer for adhesion of butyl products to concrete and mortar.

Applied by brush, roller or airless spray machine, Newton 109-LM can be applied in cool and damp conditions and without a primer.

Newton 109-LM is extremely puncture resistant with elasticity of 850% and a 95% recovery memory.

The membrane becomes fully engaged into the concrete surface to prevent water tracking and is suitable for all below-ground and earth-retained structures, ranging from domestic basements to the largest civil engineering projects.

Newton 109-LM can be used in isolation or in conjunction with other Newton waterproofing and damp proofing products to provide a coordinated and combined approach to the waterproofing of the whole structure that includes protection against water ingress to the deck, through construction joints, through and around service entries and to movement joints.

Correctly protected, Newton 109-LM will provide, under normal service conditions, a durable waterproof covering for the life of the building to which it is installed; the expected lifetime of the building itself should be at least 60 years. The Newton HydroBond System is supported by BDA Agrément Certificate BAB 14-031/02/A for structural waterproofing and by BDA Agrément Certificate BAR 14-034/01/A for Newton System RubberFlex for decks and flat roofs.

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