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Sump Alarms

If a below ground structure such as a Cellar or Basement is waterproofed using a cavity membrane system on the walls and floor then, according to the British Standard, BS8102, this should be supported by a drainage detail such as a drainage gully that leads and is connected to a sump chamber that has one or two ground water pumps in it.

If you waterproof a basement and choose not to have a drainage system then you run the risk of failure which may lead to flooding or damp. Such as system cannot be guaranteed.

Quite often, a homeowner or builder will take the decision based on the fact the basement is currently dry and never previously flooded but you are presumably converting a basement to be dry for tens of years and in which case, it is assumed weather conditions such as flooding are predicted to become more likely and any waterproofing installation should take this into account.

Integral to a sump system is a high level alarm. Alarms are intended to warn the householder or occupants of a high level of ground water in the sump. This may be due to a pump failure, power failure or even that somebody, inadvertanly, has unplugged the pump, not that they should be left accesible this way but it does happen.

An alarm warning offers the occupant the chance to investigate the sump with hopefully enough time to correct things before the sump chambe iyself becomes overwhelmed.

Alarms range from entry level battery operated units to full on, back up pumps or power generators which are also supported by telemtry warnings to nominated landline numbers.

The extendt of the alarm system you have is driven by the consequence of failure and flooding. For instance, if you have a sump system in a small cellar that simply houses a few tools then a small battery operated alarm will be sufficient but if you have a double floor basement fitted out with high end furninshings then without doubt, you would install and power back up system with a telemtry warning system.

We offer a comprehensive range of alarm and warning systems supported by advice and technical support.

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