Property Maintenance During The Summer


Property maintenance during the summer months provides the perfect weather conditions for carrying out external works to both residential and commercial properties. Whether weatherproofing to prevent future damp issues during the colder and wetter months of autumn and winter, to renewing the seal around windows and doors for a draft free winter.

Most property maintenance tasks are simple enough to be conducted as DIY tasks. However, we advise that caution is always applied when working from any height, when applying paints, sealants or chemicals that require protective clothing. As well as working with electrics, gas and water. It is these facts, in which many trips to A&E often come about, as DIY work around a property is frequently conducted without due care and attention.

For instance, a simple task such as clearing out the leaves from the guttering on a bungalow, will not require any particular skill levels. However, it is  all too common for someone to reach just that little too far to make a ladder topple over and before you know it, you have a bad injury on your hands!

It is always a good idea to ensure a property maintenance job is conducted as safely as possible. This you can to by using a tradesman with all the relevant skills, qualifications, access equipment, correct PPE wear and…… Insurance!!

In respect of keeping a structure free from damp during the winter months, the following tasks need to be carried out in the summer,  starting at the top of the house and working your way down to the ground.

Summer Property Maintenance Tasks:


Importance of Quality Materials

Many of these tasks are simple and straight forward and can help to keep a building free from damp. When conducting a survey, however, we can see that a number of these jobs are often conducted poorly and with the use of cheap materials. This can lead to an ever growing damp issue over time.

We advise that not only should you carry out these property maintenance tasks routinely, once a year at a minimum. But also that you use only good quality materials and where necessary, a skilled and experienced tradesman or company, to conduct all the required work to a high standard.

Any building is an asset. It makes sense you keep your asset in good order and free from damp. The summer is the ideal time to get on and do it!

For advice on any external maintenance issues to prevent damp, please give us a call on 01329 235252.





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