Rising Damp Treatment

Rising Damp Treatment

With the development of damp proofing injection cream technologies now firmly regarded as tested and reliable product to use to form a new chemical damp proof course so it is now common place for manufacturers and distributors to offer the solution to rising damp in handy ‘kit’ bundles which will contain all the materials ideal for a DIY enthusiast or builder to inject a damp proof course.


Apart from one thing; ………expert knowledge to know you are dealing with rising damp.

Some people would have it said there is no such thing as rising damp. We don’t want to get ourselves drawn into any kind of internet rant so we will leave that parked out there for discussion. All we do know is, if we build a new house today building regs insist a physical damp proof course is installed. Damp proof courses have been used since the Victorian construction era. Remedial damp proof courses have been installed for for tens of years. Damp proofing injection systems are supported by BBA approval documents so despite opinions on whether rising damp is a myth or not, there is overwhelming regulation and accreditation supporting the use, existence and introduction of damp proof courses.

Before a new chemical damp proof course is injected, it should be fully established that one needs to be injected and that the issue of damp is in fact, due to a lack of a damp proof course or the failure of a damp proof course and that all other potential issues such as bridging damp, penetrating damp, condensation damp and a good old water leak are ruled out to leave rising damp as the issue to treat for.

To that end, Alliance Remedial Supplies do advise that before a home owner/DIY enthusiast tackles treating for rising damp with damp proofing DPC injection cream, they might like to get a survey from a local damp proofing contractor or engage an independent specialist surveyor. Either might involve a fee but it could lead to being money well spent.

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