Rotted Floor Boards And Joists

N-Virobor 10 Boron Wood Preservative 10Ltr Kit

N-Virobor10 Boron Wood Preservative 10Ltr Kit

Rotted Floor Boards And Joists

If you discover any timbers in your property showing signs of decay either from insect infestation of decay from wet rot or dry rot this, in most instances, will be down to a presence of high moisture content in the timber.

On the occasions it is not due to moisture it may be because timbers were installed carrying an insect infestation but this is very rare. However, it is worth asking for pre-treated timbers from your local timber merchants.

When it has been established that timbers do contain a high level of moisture content if there is no significant decay and signs of woodworm are historical then if the source for the moisture is dealt with and the matter of adequate ventilation addressed then there is not always a need to spray a chemical treatment.

If it is decided you are going to apply a chemical treatment then ideally you would have this done by an experienced Operator who would be well protected with a set of disposable coveralls, a mouth guard, eye goggles or glasses and protective gloves. Water tanks should be covered so as not to allow chemical to mix with the water.

The best way to apply micro emulsion and similar chemicals is by low course pressure sprayer.

The most commonly used chemical treatments are:

Permethrin – Ideal to treat common furniture beetle

Propiconazole, Permethrin and 3-lodo-2-Propynyl-Butyl-Carbamate – Dual purpose treatment for both insect infestation, wet and dry rot

Boron – Dual purpose treatment, very low odour water based with good penetration

Spirit Based – Deep penetrating, dual purpose

If other trades are working you should place safety notices in full view. Manufacturers guidance documents should be adhered to in respect of re-entry classifications.

You should only use products with an HSE classification which will be present of the product label and or data sheet.

If birds or bats are nesting or roosting you should consult the appropriate bodies before carrying out any remedial work.

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