Surefill Joint & Crack Filler

Surefill Render & Brick joint crack filler

Surefill joint & crack filler is an ideal, quick and easy to apply crack filler. Supplied in 310ml cartridges the only tool you need is a standard mastic gun applicator.

The features of Surefill joint & crack filler are; it is a single component product, waterproof, flexible and can fill cracks in size for .5mm to 25mm.

It can be applied internally and externally into render, brick, mortar, stone, plaster, pebbledash and is suitable for DIY or professional use.

Surefill joint & crack filler supports helical crack stitch repairs.

It is suitable to paint over and render over.

Clean cracks and joints removing loose material and wet the crack before applying. Curing time varies according to the depth and width or the joints or cracks and the ambient temperature. Do not paint over until fully cured.

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