Vectaire Elix and Elegance Bathroom and Kitchen Extract Fans


Vectaire Elix and Elegance Bathroom and Kitchen Extract Fans

The subject of what type of extract fan should be installed into a bathroom or kitchen is one that we possibly have the longest discussions over with our customers.

Probably because the subject of ventilation can be confused by the vast number of brands and types of extract fans to choose not least the recommendation made by one’s friend, mate who is a builder, property landlord, electrician or those just happy to wade in with an opinion on just about anything.

Then there is the question of how they should be operated, for example; by a light switch, on their own switch, on their own pull-cord, by motion detector, by humidity sensor or continual running. There are six different ways in which you can operate an extract fan so which is the best way, what is the best product and what should you expect to pay!!??

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple as to say that one type of fan is a fits all sizes solution.

The reason for this is because not every scenario is the same i.e. type of property, a flat to a detached house, an apartment block or listed building and so on. Then there is the type of construction i.e. hung tiles, very thick walls, converted properties. Then, the position of the kitchen or bathroom, i.e. do they have external walls or are they located in the middle of the property.

Then the size of the kitchen or bathroom needs to be considered and so on.

What we do get a sense of and it has to be said, from residential property landlords, is that just because you are prepared to pay over £200 for a fan or even little change out of £300, (not including the installation costs), you are still only getting a fan that removes vapour from the room they are installed in. For instance, a bathroom fan will extract some, not all, of the vapour generated from running the hot water taps and the shower.

A cooker hood extractor will extract the vapour generated from the pans on the stove, it won’t do much to collect a great deal of vapour generated from the hot water tap at the kitchen sink.

Extractor fans are fit for purpose in removing some of the vapour generated in the wet producing rooms such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Utility Rooms and Cloakrooms.

On the flip side, will a £10 extract fan be of much use? Yes but only to a limited fashion, will be noisey and have very little by way of features and benefits.

So, having been distributors of Vent Axia and Xpelair, having supplied Greenwood and Airflow fans and being distributors of Envirovent we think we have a reasonable handle on the market place but to be fair, some brand is always developing or tweaking some model along the way so its impossible to say you are up-to-date with every development.

We have supplied, we have researched, we have supplied and fitted and we have trialled many types of extract fans and on top of which, we have carried out hundreds of surveys and seen all types of fans so we like to think we have a well rounded knowledge on this product and here are some common questions and our findings………

If I install a top quality £200 extract fan is that going to cure condensation? 

No, its not. Extract fans are aids to help reduce moisture laden air in a given property. They are designed to capture vapour content at source generated in wet producing rooms. They have no effect whatsoever over lifestyle habits such as drying clothes on hobby horses next to radiators in bedrooms. Drying towels on radiators. For there being no other form of background ventilation. For their being a lot of bodies and pets in a property all breathing stale air into the property. For the operating of washing machines and tumble dryers even condensers. All of these generate vapour which if not addressed create condensation that is not captured by even the dearest extract fan.

Are humidity sensor fans the best operated fans?

Not in our experience. We have witnessed first hand, humidity sensor extract fans running on boost mode continuously for a few days. This has come about because of a couple of contributing factors. Firstly, the fan was set on 65% as the target humidity for boost to be engaged. That figure is easily reached in a kitchen or bathroom. If a nearby window is open to have external humidity be in excess of 65% can be a regular occurrence which will trip the boost mode. They can also be on a timer so once the humidity has been brought down the timer can kick in for 10 – 20 minutes in which time the humidity has increased and the cycle of boost mode forever continues.

Can I wire them in on a light switch?

Yes, but why would you want to do that unless it was an internal room with no window. If for instance, the fan was installed into a bathroom with occupants who worked shifts or got up in the middle of the day, if a window is available the bathroom would be bright enough the light would not have to be switched on, therefore, the fan would not be engaged.

So our recommendation is for the fantastic Vectaire Elegance and Elix extractor fans. Here is a brief video explaining why we endorse them:

Further information can be found on our website page for these products:

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