Waterstop Bars

waterstop bars


Waterstop Bars

We are continually adding to our range of specialist waterproofing materials and our latest addition is our range of Waterstop Bars used for inserting a waterproofing detail in construction joints that on contact with water ingress will swell by up to four times its size.

Waterstop bars come in various shapes and dimensions and the type you chose is determined by the application detail and the risk you anticipate for water ingress.

Waterstop bars can be nailed into place but we recommend fixing into place by pressing the bar down on to a bead of swell mastic adhesive which also expands on contact with water.

The process does not require skilled trades and the only applicator tool required is a 600ml sausage barrel gun applicator.

For details or to get a quote for your project please call 01329 235252.

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