Applying Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane


Applying Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane successfully relies on some fundamental procedures being carried out.

Bitumen self adhesive membranes are proven products for use in waterproofing below ground and damp proofing above ground and brands such as Bond It Bitubond 100, Solco Solsheet, Premcrete and Visqueen are all excellent products but which should be applied in the following way to get the right results.

Commonly used to waterproof basement walls, soil retaining walls or extension footings on the external face we recommend the the surface to be treated is structurally sound. If brick is the substrate the brick face should be sound and the mortar in good condition. If not, the membrane could de-bond from the surface. For large areas it may prove quicker and simpler to apply a base coat sand and cement render, 3: 1 with washed sharp sand with an IWP admix.

To get an adhesion you may have to apply a tack primer such as SBR.

All surfaces should be clean, free of dust, dirt, oil, etc.

Once the substrate is prepared you should apply a good quality Bitumen Primer in a single coat application. In order the primer is applied correctly we recommend application by masonry brush and dabbing the paint on the surface to fully get into the masonry pores.

Allow to fully dry which can take between 3 – 6 hours subject to weather conditions. If leaving overnight ensure the surface is protected from rainfall.

Once the Bitumen Primer has dried the bitumen self adhesive membrane can be applied.

Cut the sheets to size. We recommend sheet sizes are manageable to minimise air bubbles between the membrane and surface. Bubbles in the membrane can be torn or punctured.

Applying Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane and to ensure the membrane goes on to a wall a wallpaper roller is a good tool to use rather than forcing bubbles out with hands or fingers and ensures the membrane sticks well to the Primer.

All membrane overlaps should be at least 100mm vertically and horizontally.

If you intend to back-fill against the membrane with a shingle or gravel we advise using a protection board which can be a purpose made protection board, an insulation board or even ply board for the protection of the membrane during back-filling.

For advice with these products or waterproofing and damp proofing projects please call our technical staff on 01329 235252.

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