External Basement Waterproofing with Curtain Injection

Exterior basement waterproofing from inside the building? In the case of renovation it is not always possible to expose the exterior walls through excavation. For example, where the area to be excavated is built upon, traffic concerns impede the excavation, or the economic cost of excavation is deemed too high. In this case you would first think of an internal (negative side) basement waterproofing, but in some cases, such as in historical buildings or buildings with special architectural requirements, this may not be desirable.

In these cases a curtain injection with KÖSTER Injection Gel G4 is possible: The resin is injected through the wall from the inside to the outside. The resin reacts with water and binds it resulting in a waterproof, elastic solid. The injection is carried out with a special two-component pump, KÖSTER Acrylic Gel Pump, and through patented KÖSTER Distributor Lances. The injection material is dispersed on the exterior wall and in a short time reacts to a waterproofing layer.

An alternative method is injecting KÖSTER Injection Gel G4 into the building member itself. This so-called “area injection” is possible in porous or hollow building materials. In this case the KÖSTER Injection Gel G4 also reacts with any water present to form a waterproof, elastic solid.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

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