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Waterproofing Tanks and Pipes in Sewage Systems

Waterproofing tanks and pipes in sewage systems represent always a challenge due to the multiple [...]

Internal Basement Waterproofing on the Foundation Plate with Cold-Adhesive Waterproofing Membranes

Fast, easy application without long waiting times: Waterproofing of the floor slab with KÖSTER KSK [...]

Internal Basement Waterproofing on Foundation Plate with Mineral Systems

Mineral waterproofing systems have the advantage of excellent bonding properties of the waterproofing material to [...]

Waterproofing Under The Foundation Plate

A complete waterproofing system in new construction includes waterproofing the floor slab. Compared to the [...]

Waterproofing of Pile Heads

Damage in existing buildings is often caused by leaking pile foundations. Water can enter the [...]

External Basement Waterproofing with Cold Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membranes

Fast, clean, and easy: Exterior basement waterproofing with KÖSTER KSK cold applied, self adhesive waterproofing [...]

Pre-Applied Waterproofing

Pre-Applied membranes bond to concrete to prevent the ingress or migration of water around a [...]

External Basement Waterproofing with Mineral Based Waterproofing Systems

Mineral sealing slurries are especially robust waterproofing systems with extremely good adhesion to mineral surfaces. [...]

Internal Basement Waterproofing in case of Flowing Water

A very difficult situation: The basement waterproofing has to be done from the inside but [...]

External Basement Waterproofing with Curtain Injection

Exterior basement waterproofing from inside the building? In the case of renovation it is not [...]