Waterproofing Tanks and Pipes in Sewage Systems

Waterproofing tanks and pipes in sewage systems represent always a challenge due to the multiple substrate conditions, materials as well as demands on each of elements. Active leakages can be stopped within a few seconds simply by using the dry powder KÖSTER KD 2 Blitz Powder and subsequently large areas waterproofed with the mineral based, sulfate resistant waterproofing system KÖSTER NB 1.

Floor areas that are subject to acid attack caused by condensation of the gases, can be protected with the three-component, highly chemical resistant, silicate and polymer-based special mineral mortar KÖSTER PSM.

The quick restoration of the concrete elements is accomplished with the water tight, fast curing and fast setting restoration mortar KÖSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar; allowing a fast reopening of the sewage system.

Cracks and even gaps between the elements can be securely sealed within its smallest pores with the extremely low viscosity acrylic Gel KÖSTER injection Gel G4.

1 Stopping active leakages – KÖSTER KD 2 Blitz Powder
2 Waterproofing sewers – KÖSTER NB 1 Grey, KÖSTER Repair Mortar NC, KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4
3 Waterproofing masonry – KÖSTER NB 1 Flex, KÖSTER NB 1 Grey
4 Acid protection – KÖSTER PSM
5 Waterproofing shafts – KÖSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar
6 Waterproofing pipe couplings – KÖSTER Injection Gel G4
7 Crack injection – KÖSTER Injection Gel G4
8 Heavy duty surface protection – KÖSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar

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