Fibran Closed Cell Insulation Board XPS 500-C


Fibran Closed Cell Insulation Board XPS 500-C from John Newton Systems is a great value, high quality insulation board suitable for use as a standalone insulation product for use on roofs, floors and walls but primarily for use in waterproofing basements incorporating Newton Basedrain, Triton Aqua Channel or Wykamol Waterguard drainage channels.

The height of these drainage channels is 50mm which is the same height of the Fibran board making it easy to butt drainage channel into position.

Fibran closed cell insulation board XPS 500C offers the following features:

Excellent thermal insulation characteristics with a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

Closed cell structure with no connecting capillaries resulting in extremely high resistance to water absorption and diffusion of water vapour.

Capable of permanent submersion in water.

Fully inert when subjected to climatic variations.

High mechanical and compressive strength and high dimensional stability.

Contains no CFC or HCFC’s.

Life expectancy is equivalent to the building in which it is installed (estimated 50 years).

100% recyclable.

Easy to transport, cut and apply.

Completely rot proof and does not develop any mould or other efflorescence.

No nutritional value for rodents, insects, etc.

Good resistance to acids, alkalines, aggressive ground contaminents and inorganic gases.

Supplied in sealed packs of 8 boards the overall area of each pack is 4.8m2. The dimensions of each board is 1000mm long x 600mm wide by 50mm high (0.6m2). 

We can accommodate any size order. 10 x packs or more are delivered on pallets. We hold stocks are deliver by our own delivery vans across the south coast and up to London. Next day delivery service available.


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