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Wykamol Systems

Wykamol systems for:

Damp Proofing – Ultracure DPC, Technoseal, Enviroseal

Structural Waterproofing – CM3, CM8, CM20 membranes and 8mm mesh

Chemicals for timber preservation: Lignum, Microtech, Wykabor

Admixtures and surface coating: SBR, Brunopel and Enviroseal

Wykamol Systems chemicals and membranes are renowned in the remedial industry. Their cavity membranes are manufactured at their own plant in Manchester making them unique in the UK for this service.

Call 01329 235252 for advice on any Wykamol products.

£35.18£227.85 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)

Cavity Drain Membranes

CM8 8mm Waterproofing Membrane

£135.00£165.00 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)
£142.80£232.05 (inc. VAT and standard delivery)