Self Adhesive Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Membrane (SAM)

Self Adhesive Tanking Membrane Kit

Self adhesive damp proofing and waterproofing membrane (SAM), otherwise described as ‘peel and stick’ is intended for use as a self bonding vertical or horizontal damp proof membrane in tanking and waterproofing below ground structures such as basements and above ground structures such as carp park levels, decks, subways and soil retaining walls.

The self adhesive membrane system can be what is called, ‘cold applied’. This means there is no need for flame torches. It is a simple matter of removing a backing film to expose the sticky side of the sheet which is then applied to the surface to be protected. Before this is done a Primer is applied to the surface which is normally a single coat of bitumen primer.

Self adhesive membrane is made up of polymer modified bitumen covered on the other side by a durable 2-ply cross laminated polythene film.

All surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry and free from projections, cavities and mortar deposits. The membrane should be applied with a hand held roller.

To apply the membrane remove the protective release sheet. Apply the membrane, side down, to the prepared surface. Press down firmly, working from the centre to the edges to expel air pockets.
Membrane should be overlapped to ensure a good seal; overlap should be a minimum of 75mm at the edges and 100mm at roll ends and should be firmly rolled with a hand held pressure roller. The free edge should be well rolled onto a primed strip of substrate to ensure a good seal.

The membrane must be covered within 2-3 days of application. No part of the membrane should be permanently exposed. Support vertical work immediately after application. Prior to final covering check the membrane for any tears, holes, wrinkled seams, etc. Holes can be repaired using patches of the membrane to over-seal the holes.

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