Concrete Repair

In case of small concrete repairs and maintenance a fast and easy solution is to apply the multi-talent KÖSTER Betomor Multi A. KÖSTER Betomor Multi A is a material for corrosion protection and concrete replacement. An additional corrosion protection is not required. KÖSTER Betomor Multi A replaces the bonding agent, the repair mortar and the spackle. The material is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which must also be free of separating agents and rust.

Repair and maintenance of concrete surfaces is done with KÖSTER C-Coat. KÖSTER C-Coat is a high quality spackle for levelling and smoothing concrete surfaces.

For reprofiling and concrete replacement in larger areas, KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4 is applied. For a fast setting system, KÖSTER Repair Mortar NC can be used. The mortar is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which must also be free of bond inhibiting agents. Reinforcement steel has to be cleaned, as corrosion protection and bonding agent KÖSTER Z1 / Z2 is applied.

Non water bearing cracks are sealed with KÖSTER KB-Pox IN or KÖSTER IN 3. This injection resin has excellent bonding characteristics to concrete crack flanks and is used for the structural bonding of building elements.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

1 Concrete repair
KÖSTER Betomor Multi A
2 Concrete repair (overhead works)
KÖSTER Betomor Multi A
3 Surface levelling and smoothing
4 Concrete repair (large Areas)
KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4
5 Repair of structural cracks
6 Concrete surface protection
KÖSTER Iperlan

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