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Geotextile Cavity Drain Membranes

Geotextile Cavity Drain Membrane are drainage membrane designed for application to the external side of basement walls prior to backfilling.

The membrane consists of a studded cavity drainage membrane with a geotextile filter fleece welded to the studded side. The purpose of the geotextile fleece is to filter out suspended soil particles (fines) in order to minimize potential for blockage of the basement drainage system.

The cavity drain membrane is usually used as a secondary drainage layer to provide protection to an externally-applied primary basement waterproofing system (BS8102 Type A). By minimizing the build-up of groundwater on the external basement walls, the membrane reduces the consequences of any imperfections in the application of the primary basement waterproofing system.

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HydroBond System - External Type A Waterproofing

John Newton 400 Geo Capping Profile 2mtrs

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