Anti Mould treatments for the cleaning, removal and regrowth prevention of unsightly and unhealthy black mould.

Black mould is generally associated with condensation and is generally at its worst in the winter months. Anti mould treatments can be applied all year round and during annual redcoration or tenancy voids.

Anti mould treatments include:

Mould wash sterilisers to clean the worst of the mould away.

Anti Mould paint additives to add into standard emulsion and other paints, wallpaper paste and grouts.

Anti Condensation Suretherm insulating paint

ACS Anti Condensation emulsion paint

Products should be applied with care and following the manufacturers guidance labels on the products to get the best results.

Our range includes  mould washes which are free of biocides making them suitable for DIY use around the home.

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We advice that black mould can only develop when internal humidity is over 70%. Maintain humidity between 40 – 60% and black mould cannot develop.