Paving Grid & Drainage

Ecogrid and drainage products for reducing or preventing localised flooding, waterlooged Drive and lawns and waterlooged paths and patios.

Ecogrid and drainage products offer an all-in-one package for improving soil drainage and collecting surface water and diverting it to a soakaway.

Perforated land drains with filter sleeve to prevent blockages within land drains suitable for French drains.

Ecogrid is a heavy duty recycled plastic ground grid perfect as a base for a Drive, Footpaths, Car Parking areas, temporary routes for traffic at events and even as a base for garden sheds, summerhouses and offices.

Ecogrid is available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wall heights. The most common use being for a Drive in which case the 40mm E40 Ecogrid is the perfect choice.

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